Moving can be messy

Here’s some tips I have for moving.

1. Once you find find out your moving start getting stuff ready.

2. If you need a U-Haul find let them know what day.

3. If you can get family and friends to help it makes things a lot easier.

4. As far as box’s go to your local businesses and see if they have empty cardboard box’s. If not ask if they can save some for you. Business usually will if you ask.

5. Start packing as so as possible. The stuff you know you need go ahead and leave out till you have to pack it away.

6. So you don’t get flustered start with one room if you donkilledt want and item. Make an area of trash, Garage Sale, and thrift store stuff. I promise de-cluttering will make things so much easier.

Well guys if you are moving anytime soon I hope these tips.



Author: whatiknow93

Just a 24 year old that loves to write.

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